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Is it possible to feed baby solely on breast milk through expressing and not nursing? I'm just thinking if I don't manage to establish a ...
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I have breastfeed my little boy since he was born he is now 17 months..i recently found out I was pregnant so now I figure it's time to w...
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I breastfeed with my first child but I didn't uave my nipples pierced. I want to breastfeed with my second, how do I go about breastfeedi...
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With my first I could breastfeed because my son wouldn't latch and I didnt produce enough to fill him up so I made the decision to formul...
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I'm not sure I'm posting this in the correct forum but it is related to breastfeeding. My husband and I were messing around and he pe...
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Hello my husband and I would like to start trying to have a baby soon and I've been wondering how difficult it will be to breastfeed with...
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How do I get him to latch on properly? Can nipples feel sore? How do you know if your newborn is sucking?
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I'm 19 and 5 months and have both my nipples pierced since many late October ish can I still breastfeed ??
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Happy anniversary to Diane1003, your Community Leader for 4 years this month! Please thank her for all she does for MedHelp members.
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In the last couple of days I have experienced a drastic decrease in my milk supply. I usually pump 20 oz per day and supplement with one...
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Hi, has anyone had experience nursing after a breast reduction? Is it possible? Thanks!
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I am currently breastfeeding my 16 month old and have been trying to wean her off recently I just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant if...
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Any suggestions on how I could pump during school?
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Does anyone have experience or info on breastfeeding with saline breast implants? I am expecting for the first time and would like to bre...
Hi ladies! I just recently weaned my 1yr old and am still getting over the engorgement. I got my first period back at the beginning of Oc...
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Hi Mommas.. I just found out I'm pregnant 5-6weeks base on my calculation. My first son now is 15mo and still breastfeeding, is it ok n ...
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This my second pregnancy. I breastfeed with my daughter for maybe 2 months. I couldn't produce alot. And she wouldn't latch on I had to p...
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Hi there! I am pretty sure that I'm pregnant, but it hasn't been confirmed by a doctor yet. I'm nursing my 6 month old and I'm not ready...
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Is it safe to start pumping colostrum at 37 weeks pregnant and freezing it for baby?
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I gave birth yesterday, December 28,/2016, and due to cough and colds, I wasn't allowed to breast milk my son. The doctor said, we will h...
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