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Although much attention is given to a woman's uterus, and to breast cancer; little if any emphasis is placed on Breast Health in general. It is estimated that nine out of ten women have benign (non-cancerous) breast conditions. This section addresses common non-cancerous breast issues, such as breast pain, fibrocystic breasts, nipple discharge, and a variety of other benign conditions. Other breast health issues such as breast duct imaging, lymph nodes, etc. are also discussed. In addition we will discuss the effects of alcohol, diet, hysterectomy, and hormonal changes on a woman's breasts.
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For a couple of months now I have been able to see very small and thin red veins on my boobs, and what I thought to be psoriasis developi...
I had some places remove from breast yesterday ! Late yesterday afternnon the top of my stomach is so bloated cant sit comfy, hard to b...
I have been dealing with this breast pain for over the past two weeks. I gave up caffeine about a month ago because that is what my obgyn...
My period ended a week ago but now I have sore nipples and areola. Does someone know what could be wrong.
I have pimple like bumps on my areola and nipples. I have had them for 10 years. I have been told I have clogged breast ducts. My son ...
I just noticed a sore lump under my left Nipple while trying to lay in my stomach... I'm on my period, and I wonder if it has anything to...
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