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Burns are damage to any body tissue that is caused by chemicals, electricity, flammable liquids, flammable gases, fire, heat, hot liquids, fire, radiation, steam or sunlight. Discuss topics including sunburns, rug burns, varying degrees of burns and how to treat them.
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Over-the-counter (OTC) medications can be used if necessary for control of symptoms of chigger bites. There have been many home remedies ...
I've had this scar for a few years. My sweatpants were rubbing against the shaft of my penis and I guess I got a friction burn. Eventuall...
I used Nair on my bikini area and some got in between the lips. The area burns, it is red, it has small sores and bumps, and the lips are...
My boyfriend and I had sex last Saturday. He was extremely rough in the forplay when he was pleasuring me (or so he thought he was) and I...
Symptoms begin after the chigger has started to inject enzymes into the host skin. The actual bite itself is not noticeable.Symptoms of c...
You may get burned from any hot or heated source or from chemical reactions that release heat.Thermal burnsFlameScald (from steam, hot or...
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