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Burns are damage to any body tissue that is caused by chemicals, electricity, flammable liquids, flammable gases, fire, heat, hot liquids, fire, radiation, steam or sunlight. Discuss topics including sunburns, rug burns, varying degrees of burns and how to treat them.
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Burned lip on hot liquid/spoon. It was healing but scab was picked and it was healing again. Put aloe on for the first time today and i...
A month ago, I had an accident which involved stepping into a trench of scalding water. Thankfully I was wearing waterproof boots, but w...
I'm very white and I don't want to make other parts of my body blend in with the farmers tan.Im also 14 year old I just want it gone. Wil...
Hi. Two days ago I was wiping myself down with some Johnson's No Tears body wash. I figured it would be okay since they use it on baby's....
I just got a burn scar on my forehead from burning a bit of my hair. What's the best way to treat this? My profile picture has a picture ...
http://imgur.com/a/0eyFR I *tried* to bleach my hair blonde. I used Super Blue Creme Oil Lightener mixed with 30 volume developer, and...
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