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This forum is for questions and support regarding burn issues such as: Hand burns, Pediatric Burns, Thermal burns, Electrical burns, Chemical burns, Radiation burns, Rehab/Recovery, Pain control, Psychological / Social Recovery, Scar Management, Smoke inhalation, Disaster Management, Skin and Soft Tissue Infections.
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My infant broke out with a fever which reached 104.9. I realized the severity 1 day later as I did not have a thermometer on hand and I ...
Hello !! Am not sure if this is the right place to post this question I had a 24 hour urine test the other day and I was not given...
Dr. Guy: My husband suffered a chemical burn of his entire sinus cavity due to inhalation at a factory. This is a one-time event which ...
Yesterday I used Nair on my face, above my face and now have a chemical burn on my face. I am going on vacation in 2 days and want to kn...
What are the long turn effects of 3rd degree burns on the backs of a man's arms? I received 1st thru 3rd degree burns over 39 % of my up...
My son, 8 yrs. old, sprayed Lysol disinfected spray on his face. As a result he has a burn the size of a 50-cent coin, lil pain, but some...
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