A group for all the ladies who have been on clomid or are about to start.We can share information about the drug and help and support each other along the way.
Anyone with pcos have any success with clomid
Hi ladies, I have reacently started taking clomid on tuesday last week for 5 days. But my question is why the hell do they make you feel ...
Anyone have bleeding during the 2ww on clomid? I started spotting once a day from 6-9 dpi and today (10dpo) I'm having blood clots. Any...
I had the worst pain in my upper stomach and then wrap around my back OOOOO Lord I didn't kniw what to do I told my hubby to wait before ...
well today is my 5days after last pill is taken and on my opk the controll line is dark but test line is so faint its all most not ther...
Hello ladies. I was diagnoased with pcos in April. I have taking opk but I have not been ovulating so my OB put me on 50 mg of clomid. Af...
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