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We are a science- and evidence-based medical support and information site. We provide sound, substantiated advice to our members and read...
I am at the moment Covid-19 pos so I chose to post here however I don’t need to have covid for this to occur but for it to get as bad as ...
Why isn't Amylase used to suppress the carbohydrates in the Omnicron/Coronavirus? Thoughts?
Hi guys below is my story 1. I have reached Dubai 24th December 2021. Tested at the airport on arrival on 24th December 2021. 25th I r...
I was infected with covid in aug. 2020 and then again in dec 2021. The first time I had covid, symptoms were very mild, brief sinus head...
I contracted COVID two times - October 2020 and in April 2021. Ever since then I’ve been dealing with episodes of hypothermia at unexpect...
I have a family of six. We think we got exposed around the new year or eve. My oldest daughter (10) woke up with a headache on Tuesday 1/...
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