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We are a science- and evidence-based medical support and information site. We provide sound, substantiated advice to our members and read...
I had a stent inserted into my 90-percent blocked LAD in 2012 then, five years later, a had chest pain followed by a triple bypass. Ever ...
I work in the Internet industry in the UK. I suffered from depression three years ago. I was basically cured before I was infected with t...
What drugs are they issued, do they just sort of have to wait it out, are there always symptoms or can they be asymptomatic but infectiou...
Early stage of COVID 19
Hi everyone, I tested positive for Covid on Monday of this week having exhibited symptoms on Sunday but I was not testing positive until ...
Yeah i got those for 3 weeks now. I have done covid tests everyday(home tests) and it says negative. I went to doctor 3weeks ago and he s...
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