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We are a science- and evidence-based medical support and information site. We provide sound, substantiated advice to our members and read...
From the limited news I have heard about the worst-case Coronavirus symptoms, the lungs seem to fill with fluid making the ventilators no...
I had a mild Covid infection in late Feb 2022. On day 5 I developed horrible psychosis, depression, physical and mental anxiety, burning ...
I tested positive for covid 19 5 weeks ago and negative test about 3 weeks ago however I am still experiencing post covid symptoms of nas...
Patients with long-term COVID-19 symptoms who are exposed to hyperbaric (high-pressure oxygen) therapy (HBOT) intensive show a significan...
Covid test is negative - how long does loss of smell come back when you suffering from a cold - any tips to get back your taste buds back...
could it be after effects of covid19? i got covid early this tyear
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