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We are a science- and evidence-based medical support and information site. We provide sound, substantiated advice to our members and read...
If someone regularly wears a high quality mask but frequently handles the mask improperly - i.e., grabbing the front of the mask to pull ...
Hey all, so I’m based in India where over the past month or so, there has been an uptick in infections which is pointing to a new wave th...
Ok guys I’m on day 4 of Covid last two days I ave developed this relentless Dry cough how much more before it Easies off a little ??
My mother talked to a Covid-positive person without a mask. She said that it is fine because she is fully vaccinated. She won't catch it ...
I tested positive roughly 3 weeks ago, then tested negative a week later, but after another week I tested positive once again. Is this po...
So I had covid in Dec., with symptoms for about 10 days. Since then, I've had shortness of breath - I have good days and bad days wit...
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