Cancer in Pets Forum

This forum is for pet health questions regarding Cancer Treatment. Questions will be answered by a veterinarian.
This 8 month old puppy has been seen by the vet 2 days after adoption from the shelter who told me she had been covered with ticks and fl...
My 11 year old female Yorkshire Terrier was diagnosed via a needle biopsy to have a mast cell tumor on the chest. Surgical removal to bio...
We have a 10 year old female black lab who was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma based on a test done on fluid or tissue drawn from her lymph ...
Hello, my 1 year old Boston Terrier had surgery on Friday, 2/19/10 to remove a mass on the left side of her dorsolateral lumbar area. It...
hello my cat has been geting RANDOME scratches on ths head, and the rest of his body he is only 3 years old and i am scared for him ...
I only know that my 12 yr. old cat is suffering from a rather quickly growing fibrosarcoma disovered sometime around October 2009....it i...
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