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Cancer in Pets Forum

This forum is for pet health questions regarding Cancer Treatment. Questions will be answered by a veterinarian.
Hello, My 12 year old spayed female has a baseball-sized tumor in her mammaries.. It was first noticed two years ago as pea-sized.. It...
I have been reading a lot online about mast cell tumors, how to treat them, etc. I have decided to change my dogs diet to the Canine Can...
Since no test were run the Vet could not tell what kind of tumors the dog had..Just looking at The Breed Can any tell the most common tum...
Heater began coughing about 10 days ago. She was diagnosed with a throat infection & given 500mg Novolexin for 10 days. She vomited all w...
Our old dog was mauled by a cow some weeks ago. Some time after this we noticed a lump on one of her hind breasts. We took her to the v...
I have fallen in love with a kitten that someone just dumped at my house. When I found her she was so sick, runny nose, eyes, ears and s...
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