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Cancer Community

32yo f, 160lbs, trouble swallowing. I had an ultrasound today on my neck because I’ve had some swollen lymph nodes and trouble swallo...
Good morning. I wanted to know the effectiveness of the AMAS test in the early diagnosis of cancer and if there is currently a better te...
My mom passed away in the late 80s from ovarian cancer. I have been really proactive with my health because of this. This summer they w...
Should I be pushing for cancer testing? Should I push for lymphoma testing? 28F For the last 3 months I’ve been dealing with the...
Hello, Actually my sister has papillary thyroid carcinoma bethesda 6 as diagnosed by the medical professionals. The right side of her nec...
Bit of a complicated case. 37f beta thalassemia minor, hereditary hemochromatosis via H63D homozygous (high iron&sat/normal ferritin) He...
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