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For people with yeast infections and systemic candida ... helps and remedies.
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I believe I have been suffering from Candida for many many years. When I look at the symptoms, I have nearly all of them. In January, I...
Could my oral thrush and a patch of red hair follicles on my legs be related,could it be candida overgrowth? Im new to candida and dont k...
Hi medhelp, I was wondering if using antibiotic eyedrops would make candida worse? I've gotten my candida (caused by oral antibiotic use...
Female, 16, no medication. I know that it's normal to get red blotches following a hot shower, but it seems that these blotches have ...
I'm 16, and a few years back I was on a long course of antibiotics for acne. I randomly have started getting hives, only one or two a day...
Has anybody hear of your hair falling out with Candida? Mine is and I am very itchy and extremely tired, very bloated, dry red eyes. I...
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