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Questions in the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention forum are answered by Dr. Lee Kirksey, associate professor at The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
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Hi, My question relates to blood pressure during sex. I'm 29 years old, and have some family history of hypertension, so I'm very mind...
Oct 2009 Got severe flu type illness, completely bedridden for 7 days. Did not wake to drink, eat, or go to bathroom. Prior to illness I...
Hi, I am a 42 y o male with no family or personal history of heart disease. My problem is that I experience chest pain/throat tight...
Hi, I am a 36 year old male - 1 risk factor (smoking). Cholesterol is excellent, no family history. 2 years ago I started getting ...
I just had an echo and this is the results Left ventricle is normal in size, thickness and function. There is a grade II diastolic dysfun...
38, in shape, non smoker, no drugs, no meds, few drinks (Sat night only). I take Multi Vs, 250mg Mg, Omega 3, & K rich foods. No caffei...
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