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Hello all, I'm 7 yrs post op from having the surgery. About 2 months ago I woke up and heard a pop in my neck while getting out of bed. ...
I have been experiencing back pain, tingling head to toes with two really bad episodes and unbalanced walking . My cerebellar tonsils ar...
patient has chiari 1 malformation. wants to take contraception. can she take combined contraception pill
Hi guys- Surgery was Wednesday so I think things are going great for me compared to lots of the stories. My one issue that is driving m...
With an estimated 300,000 + people with Chiari - how come we don't hear of more celebrities and famous people with Chiari? I know MS is s...
..... now that the warmer weather is finally here.....or is it? The drastic weather changes , wam one day and cold the next, to all the ...
I have been having problems with my ears due to the weather. It is really humid here. Anyone else? They feel full. And i have alot of pr...
Hi please list your surgery dates here on this thread if you would like a Prayer Thread posted for any upcoming surgeries....list what ty...
i was born with ehlers danlos and spina bifida, I've had to have several surgeries. I have a history of times not being able to hold my h...
Hello I was diagnosed with CM about 6 years ago but was told decompression isn't needed until I can no longer deal with my symptoms. Sinc...
i have been getting migraines and now my whole head goes cold and tingles, is this something i should be worried about?
I'm wondering if anyone finds it painful and sensitive at the base of the skull. I use to put one of those doughnut pillows under my neck...
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