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Please read this message before you post! This is a good place for info and comfort. If you are here, then you, or someone close t...
Syrinx at C2 after a spinal cord injury. 2017 car accident, 2020 syrinx symptoms begin, 2022 C2, C3 and C4 decompressive laminectomy, In...
MRI CERVICAL SPINE W WO CONTRAST, MRI THORACIC SPINE W WO CONTRAST 11/6/2023 7:45 AM IMPRESSION: 1. Postoperative changes within th...
I have heard from multiple people that George Clooney has chiari. Has anyone else heard this or have any info on it? I know he suffered f...
Does anyone know if random twitching/spasms could be related to chiari or syringomyelia? It's mostly in my legs when at rest. It seems ...
Hi has anyone had a ptosis of one of their eyes related to chiari ? I had surgery for a tethered spinal cord that took 10 years to dx. Wh...
i had decompression a few months ago and finally tried to clean and move things around in my room by myself. After i cleaned i noticed my...
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