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This forum is for questions and support regarding child behavior issues such: Child Discipline (behavior management), Normal Child Development, Parent-Child Communications, Social Development
My daughter is 11 and she is a slow learner and has a very bad attitude especially towards studying. she has trouble with her school work...
I caught my son(8yrs) in the bathroom with his friend(9yrs) at 3:30a.m. with no underware on. They were having a sleepover. When I asked ...
Hello. I am concerned about my 1 year old and rubbing her privates on anything that is between her legs. This started about 3 months ago....
I have a 3 year old who will be 4 on july 28th. For about a year we have been noticing that he does not and cannot sit still. He is also ...
I need HELP!!!! So Me & my boyfriend who is 28 years old & I'm 19 years old. The thing is he has a son me I don't have any children. I've...
I have concerns about the reasons this little girl touches her self and rubs on pillows, stuffed animals. As well as wonder how do we get...
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