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My 6 years old son often not being very gentle to his younger brother, for example if he challenge or ask the younger guy anything he wil...
my son started puberty at 10 he is now 13 and growing chest/facial hair does this mean that his height growth will now stop ?he is even s...
She says she is scared she will choke if she swallows and says she feels an itchy sensation in her throat almost like phlegm. We are so w...
My son stopped eating solid foods a couple of weeks ago. The doctor checked out his throat and nothing appeared to be wrong. He also has ...
My son is six years old and has accidents in his pants atleast once a week. He will even do it at school. He says he does not know that h...
My son called me last week to inform me that the cousin had bribed my granddaughter fo exchange of her kissing his penis!! I’m outraged! ...
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