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This forum is for questions and support regarding child nutrition issues such as: Acne and food, Allergies and food, Balanced Menus, Diabetes, Finicky Eaters, Healthy Snacks, Nutrition, Weight Loss.

To help the Registered Dietitian evaluate your child's nutritional status, please state your child's weight (in kg or lbs.), height, and age in the content of your question.
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My three year old daughter is having a terrible time passing stools. She was doing great (A large BM every night like clock work) up unti...
My 19 month old son will only eat if I spoon-feed him jarred baby food, or mush-like food. He will eat: - Heinz baby food for 12+ mon...
My son has been seeing a gastronoligist for 4 years, he has a feeding tube to help gain weight, he slowly gains very small amounts, then ...
HELP!!! I have a 32 month old little boy w/ sever eating disorders. @ 3 wks old he was diagnosed w/ Acid reflux & placed on special formu...
My 4 yr old stop eating about 2 1/2 weeks ago. The only thing we can get him to eat is ice cream or pudding (smooth easy things that go ...
My daughter is very big for her age. She is large build- I can't wrap my fingers around her wrist. She is only 10 years old and is 5 fo...
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