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This forum is for questions and support regarding child nutrition issues such as: Acne and food, Allergies and food, Balanced Menus, Diabetes, Finicky Eaters, Healthy Snacks, Nutrition, Weight Loss.

To help the Registered Dietitian evaluate your child's nutritional status, please state your child's weight (in kg or lbs.), height, and age in the content of your question.
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She wakes up at 6:30, cleans her room, eats breakfast, then goes out to the garage and walks "briskly" for 20 minutes. At around 10 am...
My daughter is 3 years old and has not eaten anything in her life. She has not even put anything in her mouth. She will only drink from a...
My son was born 14weeks early and weighed 1lb5oz.and of course has always been underweight.He is now 5 and is only in 5th percentile for ...
My son is 5 months and two weeks. He has been exclusively breastfeeding. He never gets full so he never sleeps through the night. I tried...
My 8 year old is the most finicky eater I have ever known and its now cause for concern. This has been a battle since she was about 2. Sh...
when can i start semi solid foods for my baby.??he has turned to 3 months on this october 1st.i have started giving him fruit juices[oran...
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