Child hood mental abuse suffers Group

This group is for anyone who has suffered from any type of mental or verbal abuse as child. It doesn't matter who the abusive person was, mother-father-sister-brother etc. The way its effected our lives and how it continues to effect our lives as adults isn't always productive, As many of us never speak of it. So come on in, and find support from others that do understand and are still seized today, from hurtful situations long ago.
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I Have memorys of my step dad before the one i have now betting on my mom he would bruise her, beet on her, choke her, throw her, and any...
When I was in school I was teased about my weight and countless other things from 3-7 grade...every single day...it was relentless. I con...
My Fellow blogger, I was catching up with you on-line when I saw this, "Has someone ruined your life? Do you have a family memb...
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