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Cholesterol, a waxy, fat-like substance, is important for you body, but too much in your blood can form plaques that sticks to artery walls and narrow or block your arteries increasing your risk of heart disease. Discuss topics including cholesterol’s link to heart disease, how to maintain a low cholesterol diet, and treatment methods for lowering your cholesterol.
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I'm hypersensitive to several cholesterol medications. They usually cause severe muscle pain and weakness.
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My habits have me eating out every morning on the way to work, picking up a biscuit and hash browns. :( Delicious, but bad for cholestero...
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I have been on medication for a couple of months now and walking several days a week. I have also been watching what I eat. My Cholestero...
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Dear all, should i continue the multivitamins as vit a can be dangerous for my liver and currently I have high liver enzymes Hi all, r...
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Few days back i was tested with high cholesterol levels with total cholesterol level of 260, ldl 135 and triglycerides of 443, with in 7 ...
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I had some blood tests last month, my Total Cholesterol was 292. (200 being normal) I also have hypertension in the past years. Ar...
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I am a 62 year-old male who has been taking simvastatin for about 30 years. All of my cholesterol-related numbers are in a healthy range,...
I am 40yrs weight 113kg.recently since last 1 yr having giddiness standing and palpitations.bp fluctuating on losartan 25.ct sngio dhows ...
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Hi my total cholesterol is 202, borderline my good cholesterol is bad, and its moderatley bad forget the number. My good cholesterol LDL?...
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im facing high BP for last 1 month. in the morning it is usually normal and in the evening it is usually 130/90 or 140/100. Yesterday i c...
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1. Can the heart rate or blood pressure depends on lipids or glucose level in blood? 2. Can lipids or glucose level in blood be increase...
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, good afternoon team, I am tense with regards to my health issue, as I have medical test within 10 days. I have fatty liver grade ...
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Hi, I have been exercising almost everyday for 2 hours (Tennis) and eat healthy food (salad mainly with no meat) M-F, and I reserve weeke...
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I'm not sure about you, but I've been so confused on the 'good' and 'bad' cholesterol information- I understand the blood test results wi...
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Ok, I just had a re-check of my cholesterol and my total cholesterol is down but my triglycerides are up (259?)!!!! My doctor wants to re...
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NONE. No change in heart attack or stroke. Trig above 400 prevent LDL calculations.
I eat vegetables and baked fish and chicken periodically but my good cholesterol is lower than desired and my bad is higher.
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Hello! Hope someone can help me interpret below data: SGOT - 37 U/L SGPT - 133 U/L triglycerides - 3/06 mmol/L VLDL - 1.39 mmol/L ...
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I have been on Zocor for 10+ years.
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