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Ok so my overall Cholestrol dropped from 181 to 167 but my Triglycerides went up from 67 to 105. All the numbers are still in range but t...
I'm curious to know so to find ways to help me.
My mother has been put on Atorvastatin and within one week she has had extreme confusion and forgetfulness. This has been the only medica...
Has anyone had their triglyceride level come back high but had normal HCL and LDL results? I just got my lipid panel back. Triglyceride...
I have low LDL, high HDL, low triglycerides, and a good ratio. I'm 58, slim and exercise. Yet, my blood work got flagged for high chol...
SPIKE in TOTAL mg/dL in one year from 171 mg/dL to 218 mg/dL I had cut out as much cheese and red meat as possible. Was spike caused...
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