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Cholesterol, a waxy, fat-like substance, is important for you body, but too much in your blood can form plaques that sticks to artery walls and narrow or block your arteries increasing your risk of heart disease. Discuss topics including cholesterol’s link to heart disease, how to maintain a low cholesterol diet, and treatment methods for lowering your cholesterol.
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I have been on Zocor for 10+ years.
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Lowering LDL

randomTExternal User
What are the best foods to help lower LDL levels?
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I saw a new documentary on Netflix called, "What the Health". It was very eye opening. Have you seen it? What do you think?
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I read some articles this weekend about almonds- recent studies show that they can raise your HDL (good cholesterol) and help your body r...
Looking for essential oils?
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My husband is 29 years old, very fit, and works out regularly (but all weights, very little cardio). He recently got bloodwork done and ...
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Happy anniversary erijon- thank you for your service as a CL!  Please take a moment to reach out to erijon, and give a shout out for h...
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Researches at the University of Alberta recently discovered that there might be a link to high cholesterol and a low calcium level. More...
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So, I recently found out my bad cholesterol is at 223. Not good at all. I started on crestor, than realized I am ttc and starting not fee...
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How do I read HDL and LDL and overall cholesterol when you are on modified diets?
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Total Fat 2g Transfat 0 Given that it really is 0, not because of law. Where is other 2 grams of fat? Are they in mono/polyunsatu...
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I was originally on Simvastatin 20mg at night for a few years but I have missed here and there. my Dr changed me to Lipitor 40mg the othe...
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I have been taking Simvastatin 20mg for about 2 years, but recently my bad cholesterol has gotten very high to where it is elevated. Now,...
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I want to know what can i do to lower my cholesterol, whether with medication or using natural products or foods.
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I want to know how to increase good cholesterol.
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I have been taking medication for my Cholesterol for many years. I have changed my diet to include food to manage my cholesterol. I wou...
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26F with no prior health problems. My blood pressure is normal, and rarely drink now (although i used to), and generally try to eat healt...
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In trying to find the best substitutes- I've started using coconut oil and olive oil in our diet. I just heard that coconut oil is as b...

Is high cholesterol bad for everyone?

AsymptomaticHypochondenialExternal User
Does the medical profession REALLY know all there is about high cholesterol? I am in my 50’s and I have been told my LDL numbers are high...
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hello, i got results yesterday and am worried about my results.. LDL 137.6 HDL 59.7 TOTAL CHOLISTROL 194.2.. what do you think? s...
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