Chronic Back Pain Sufferers and Pain Management Group

Just a group to help each other with our back pain, and the medications and other therapies that can help us live with the best quality of life possible.
I just turned 22. Since about 13 or so, I've suffered from "mild" scoliosis. I wore the braces, I did the therapy, I took the ibuprofen. ...
This is my very first forum or question EVER submitted on Internet. I have been so torn up since I received THE CERTIFIED LETTER from my ...
I have been told there is nothing that can be done for me. All the doctors can find is arthritis, degenerative bone disease, bulging disc...
What pain medications are you currently taking? I'm currently taking Methadone 10 mg.tablets / 2 tablets 3 times daily / 6 tablets d...
What's your current pain level from 1 thru 10, with 1 being the least and ten being the most pain?????
You must be knowing this exercise. However, as it is important I am posting the same. Hip Stretches Stretching the piriformis can...
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