Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs Group

A group for information and discussion and for emotional support for owners and companions of dogs with Chronic Kidney Failure. This is a complex and traumatic illness and affects about a third of all dogs over the age of 12yrs. While there is (as yet) no cure for this disease, there are things that can be done to improve and extend the quality of life for our best friends - and when all else fails, there are people that have traveled this path already that can offer empathy and support to grieving owners. If you wish to ask questions or talk about a particular dog, please head your thread with your dog's name, as this will help identify the discussion.
Hi , my name is Elizabeth and a have Samantha a 14 yo mix lab....About 1week ago she started vomiting and was ating very little....I was ...
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Our 9-yr old Maltipoo developed very bad breath about two weeks ago. We thought she needed a cleaning, but when the blood tests came bac...
Hi there, My beloved dog Lucky was diagnosed last Weds with an acute episode of kidney failure. His creatine was 3.1, BUN 128, and ALT ...
A month ago my dog, Chloe, got very sick. She was constipated and vomiting. The vet took blood work that showed she had pancreatitis and ...
Hi, My dog looked sick, not eating at a quarantine place and was rushed to a vet. The vet advised us that he may have chronic kidney ...
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