Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs Group

A group for information and discussion and for emotional support for owners and companions of dogs with Chronic Kidney Failure. This is a complex and traumatic illness and affects about a third of all dogs over the age of 12yrs. While there is (as yet) no cure for this disease, there are things that can be done to improve and extend the quality of life for our best friends - and when all else fails, there are people that have traveled this path already that can offer empathy and support to grieving owners. If you wish to ask questions or talk about a particular dog, please head your thread with your dog's name, as this will help identify the discussion.
My Pom had vomitting and diarrhea and took him to vet and ran bloodwork to find he has stage 4 kidney disease. Was sent home with antibio...
Fred is our 6 year old Maltese, diagnosed with kidney disease about 5 months ago. He went blind at age 4 due to SARDS, diagnosed with Cu...
I had my dogs blood taken just to get a baseline for her. Everything was great except her BUN level which is at 65. So urine test ordered...
Hello, Last night our adopted 7 year old was found to have Lyme Disease and in turn has CKD. I don't have much detail as far as value...
I have a 14 yo female lab who was diagnosed with kidney disease last year after we noticed she was drinking more than usual. The vet gav...
Hi, I'm new to this forum and would like to seek some guidance to my dog's condition. I've a 16 year old shiba inu that was diagnosed wit...
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