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Does anyone else have trouble with their oxygen cannula dribbling condensed water into their nose? This is the second concentrator I've h...
I smoked for forty years but quit 7 years ago at age 53. I saw a pulmonologist once about this but he said what I described didn’t sound ...
i am 30 yrs old. i am suffering from takayasu arteritis(aorta arteritis). it was diagonosed 2 yrs back. i m taking steriods n other medic...
I have recently been diagnosed with emphysema even though I've never smoked. I do have an autoimmune disease - Sjogren's Syndrome, which...
I'm a former heavy marijuana smoker (all day every day for 10 years) and light cigarette smoker (half a pack a day for 10 years). In 2006...
I am 15 years old and diagnosed with COLD(Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases). I know its uncurable but there is a proffessor called Yalçı...
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