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29 year old male, 155 lbs. Sept. 2010: deep ache in wrists after weekend of heavy typing (working on PhD dissertation  A LOT of computer ...
what cause pain from the elbows to the fingers where my hands turn inward and my fingers cramp in different directions? Also leg cramps...
A few years ago I had acute chronic pancreatitis and multiple organ shut down. The Doctors called a family meeting to tell them I was alm...
I have had 5 cancer surgeries since 98. 3 chemos 3x radiation. Many things removed, small intestine, uterus, ovaries, rebuilt vaginal wal...
Am 28 year old woman, with acute tailbone and hip pain: Wed (Jun 30th) - Ache upper buttocks and tailbone. Pain bending & when crossl...
On monday I smacked my knee extremely hard into the mule post at the bottom of the stairs the pain was extremely bad, i've been limping ...
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