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My Pain Management guy wants me to put Prialt in my pump (Dilaudud ain't working). Tell me what you know/think about Prialt, please. I'...
I have suffered chronic pain on the left side of my face and head for over 2 years. I've been diagnosed with cluster headaches. Currently...
Two months ago, I woke with what I thought was food poisoning, bad lower left quadrant pain and diarhea. Pain cleared after 2days, but ha...
my pain won't stop it has almost got me to the point I don't do anything but try to find a confortable position to sit, lay in it is cro...
I've got IBS but over the last week my left buttock has been very painful. It's hurt to sit and stand, only goes away with hot water bott...
In 1994 I had suffered a sub-arachnoid hemmorage(anueurysm) on the outer left side of my brain. I had it clipped, and the surgery involve...
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