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Hi Dr. Junig. I take some comfort that both you and my Dr. feel that serious causes of pain have been ruled out with all of the tests t...
I'm suffering from chronic repetitive stress-related pain in my hands, in what I can best determine is my abductor pollicis brevis muscle...
Hello everyone I'm a 22 year old male and for the last 6 years I have been suffering from constant chest pains right over my heart. Thi...
Thank-you for responding about Cymbalta ?. I am still slightly delaying starting any SSRI/SNRI med until I can research them further & t...
Hi, I've been suffering now with the most severe eye pain (7 months). After lots and lots of tests at my usual eye infirmary including a...
I have had severe pubic pain for over 1 year. I have had PT, Chiro, accupunture, injections, many antiimflamitory drugs, water therapy....
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