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Thanks for the response/suggestions on the pain I am experiencing. Canada's Public Health care system for certain tests is awful, especia...
Almost daily now, I will get a pain that starts behind my sternum and radiates up into my throat. It is a dull heavy pain that incompaci...
July’08 felt progressive right calf stiffness and pain. Ketoprofen orally which relieved pain but no stiffness.Had a bad cramp on right c...
I think I have swine flu. he symptoms just set in tonight. cough, fever, chills nausea, Can it wait till morning or should I go in NOW?
Hi Dr. Junig, Thanks for the input and thought of a herniated disc. Would the chest CT I had picked up a herniated disc on the thorac...
Thank you for the response Dr. Junig. I saw my doctor earlier this week and he agreed to do the bone scan, which I had yesterday. I will...
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