Colitis Community

Colitis is swelling (inflammation) of the large intestine, which is also known as the colon. This community is a place to find others who share your interest in colitis. The purpose of the community is to share support and information with colitis patients and their loved ones. Topics in the community include: causes, clinical trials, complications, family issues, living with colitis, prognosis, research, surgery, treatments
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About 2 days ago I woke up to to an upset stomach. It was just slightly uncomfortable, like I ate something bad. I was feeling a little n...
My wife found out about ten days ago that she has colitis. She had stomach pain, diarrhea and nausea. For a long time before this she h...
I'm a 45 yr old male looking for possible explanation for longstanding edema/water retention that so far has eluded diagnosis. I've also ...
New to this page..I have had bouts of Gastritis and now this horrible smelling stool with white phlegm.Going on June 17th for scopes both...
Hi,I've been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis yesterday and was given 30 x 500 mg suppositories but the consultant said I would have my ...
Hi, I am a 23 year old male, approximately 170 lbs. I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction and was prescribed Clindamycin to prevent th...
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