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Colitis is swelling (inflammation) of the large intestine, which is also known as the colon. This community is a place to find others who share your interest in colitis. The purpose of the community is to share support and information with colitis patients and their loved ones. Topics in the community include: causes, clinical trials, complications, family issues, living with colitis, prognosis, research, surgery, treatments
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I was wondering if I could have a gastrointestinal problem
Hopefully I put this right. I got what I believe to be food poisoning. I went dizzy, nausea, spins, projectile vomiting. I vomit so ha...
Hello, Very sorry if put this in the wrong forum. I'm 25, have had IBS or what I thought was IBS for years until now the consultan...
Hi everyone newbie here! Diagnosed with pan colitis June 2013...put on medication after being hospitalized for what I now know was a m...
i am 16 and half now , for d past 8 months i have been jumping in the nights without proper breifs , between 12 to 1 as i dont have time ...
I was diagnosed with UC 5 years ago and none of the prescription medications worked. Shortly after being diagnosed I was in remission (af...
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