College Students Group

Are you currently going to college or are you looking into continuing your education even further? If so, then this is the place for you. You may talk about anything related to college here. Are you just beginning your college search or do you have a college in mind? You may chat with other members on here about different colleges, majors/minors, college life, etc. I am a college student myself, pursuing my Associate's Degree in Computer Systems Specialist. I will be glad to answer any questions that High School Juniors, Seniors, or anyone else may have about college. Anyone may join this group. I believe this group will be a great place for College Students and those who are looking to further their education even more, to get together and share their knowledge about this important time in life. :)
I can't do it anymore... I really can't. I don't know if I need help, but I have anxiety due to school... And its just too much. I am stu...
Hi i am 21... I had a bf who cheated me but i am so over it... We were together since five years..We were very serious.. Bt never mind......
I miss soooo much class because of my migraines (which are sometimes chronic...very severe... and sometimes completely out of control...)...
I had a midterm today. I think it went really well. I'm happy! :)
What are some good way to start preparing now, as a freshman, for college? I'm going to look at some different colleges online and I'm ab...
Could anyone suggest some really good colleges? At this school thing I went to they showed us private Christian colleges but I'm not exac...
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