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Computer Group

If you have any computer related questions, you may post them in this community. I am going to college to become a Computer Systems Specialist and would love to help anyone out with their technical questions they may have. :) You may also chat about any Computer/Technology related topic here. Anyone may join!!! :)
What is your favorite Operating System?
I am wondering if anyone knows anything about OpenOffice and if it has a printer to be able to print anything you wanted to or is it limi...
When I shut down my computer tonight a window said"Other people are logged on to your computer and if you shut it down they will lose dat...
Ive never tried it and was wandering what you all think about it. I perfer XP as it stands now but im building my own pc and this looks ...
Hi there I play World of Warcraft After about 1 hr my computer just shuts down on me ,I have brought my computer in to get checked and th...
Recently I have been getting a bunch of junk mail ,does this happen to you guys, and apart from changing my e-mail address, is there anyt...
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