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Sorting through the roller coaster ride of feelings after a miscarriage is draining, discouraging and so much more. Knowing how others have dealt with or a are dealing with their healing process can be helpful for anyone coping with miscarriage. Right now, I am trying to heal mentally from my miscarriage. It was the first day of my 12th week - happened suddenly - I am more traumatized by the amount of clots and blood from the day than anything. Next, would be having to have a D&C (it really upset me to know this is the same procedure for an incomplete miscarriage as for an abortion). At this very moment I struggle with this empty non-pregnant belly...knowing it is in fact empty but hoping it isn't. Miscarriage is a strange, strange thing to process. I'd love to know how others are dealing with/have dealt with this situation. Feeling alone in this
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