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This patient support community is for discussions relating to COVID-19, and other coronaviruses.
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Hello, I am representing the manufacturer of medical disposal face shield. We now have a large amount of stock available.And we have st...
I did a mistake i bought pineapple from local street pullcart, made it removed the skin and he put in plastic. At home i washed the plast...
My daughter ordered two tee shirts from an online app store. I have been freaking out over packages lately. I took the shirts out of the ...
How is everyone feeling about this? I know it is for our own good, but it is depressing. :>((((( I'm thinking we're going to all n...
So I was cleaning up in the garage and decided to squish down some packaging in one of our bins. Some of the packaging was from recent (...
if i have scratch in my hand finger and touched virus , is it risky for me to can transmitt virus through blood ?
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