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I had the first dose and no side effects at all, but I'm going soon for the second dose in a couple of weeks and have read elsewhere tha...
I have had too many reactions with injections and punctures in my arms. I currently get flu shots in buttocks or upper legs. Usually, I h...
Hello, Is it safe to take covid19 vaccine for people infected with diseases like (HIV, herpes,....)?
I had Covid-19 in January. I know that those of us who've had it should get the vaccine, but when? The information about when we vaccinat...
How about you and your family? Did you experience a LOT fewer colds this year and flu? I guess it is masking and social distance (and th...
Just got a stem cell injection from my own bone marrow to put in my hip to see if it can help with the aid and the pain of a torn labrum....
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