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So while so many people are out and about, shopping and vacationing, I'm still anxious. I hear things like Delta variant, and about the c...
I had a letter today from the NHS here in the UK, an invitation to get vaccinated. In this area they vaccinate with Astrazeneca, in a to...
Ok, so I've been dealing with an ongoing argument here at home, When stepping outside (sandals or shoes) and then coming back indoors, do...
It's happened already people. A family member of mine has lost that white card. I'll call the health department to see what to do but d...
I have been immunized in my home country with sinopharm (two shots) 2 weeks ago I did my 2nd one, now I am in France, they don't recogniz...
Hi, I have just taken the first dose. I had sore arm around 5-10 minutes after being vaccinated, which is common. However, I started ...
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