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MedHelp is committed to hosting evidence-based information about COVID-19. Toward this end, we require that all posts that include state...
So I've tested with a PCR swab test on hospital yesterday (26/12/20) and still waiting for the results to come out on tuesday (29/12/20)....
The tech isn't there yet, but some companies are hoping by year end to be able to create 5 minute tests that are highly accurate. If succ...
Around the 30 minute mark he was asked if people can transmit after being vaccinated. His answer, "I think this is something that needs t...
If we properly protect ourselves from COVID 19 can we still catch the common cold?
My husband and I feel as if we should be by ourselves for Christmas. Our oldest daughter has recovered from Covid. She has a husband an...
I suffer from corona 6 months back after that my body change fully. Like not like before. Some time breathing problems not much stamina l...
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