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Hi. I have been having sore throat, dry throat and dry cough for the past week. I have no other symptoms of Covid-19 and I have not gotte...
I have caught COVID, I’ve had fever, 38.5C, cough, lack of smell and taste, headaches, dizziness. Suddenly during my third day of isolati...
Does the moderna vaccine knock out your natural immune system?
My mom tested positive for covid. She had fever for only one day next day she became unconcious and hoapitalized. Her cpr was 57 2 days b...
Hello, me and and my sister have got the first dose of Pfizer vaccine yesterday, she suffers from several side effect and lying on the be...
My wife has gotten the Covid 19 vaccination, and during conversation I said that the babies also vaccinated. I was corrected by my friend...
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