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I'm asking a question on behalf of my mother, since she doesn't speak English. She's 52 years old and has had discoid lupus (lupus eryth...
Hello, i was tested positive on on march 6th and i self isolated myself the very same but i got tested again today and it came back posit...
Hello members, I have a stuffy nose. I'm not able to sense smell. But I can taste all foods, SPO2-99, No fever, No cough, No breathles...
Hello, I went to a friend's house to pick up a package. I was wearing face mask and visor shield. While I was in his house, my friend ...
I took some Tylenol before the vaccine, and my sister later told me that I shouldn’t have. I did some research, and it said there wasn’t ...
The CDC recently recommended that we double mask, wearing a disposable mask under a cloth mask. They say it can help improve the fit of m...
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