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This patient support community is for discussions relating to COVID-19, and other coronaviruses.
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MedHelp is committed to hosting evidence-based information about COVID-19. Toward this end, we require that all posts that include state...
How safe is it to travel in a plane? Would you fly right now? Apparently no one has been identified to have been infected during a flig...
Oh, I know . . . always exceptions and everyone is different. But this came across my news feed as what a study showed is the usual orde...
I was in a bad depression since before Covid hit, my medications have been adjusted and readjusted since January and are still being chan...
We know that health institutions worldwide have urged people to avoid mass gatherings, or really, gathering at all, during the current an...
What should we know about reinfection? Can we get covid 19 twice (or more)?
Sir/madam I am 42 yr old had chills rigours severe body pains and fever since 4 days with throat pain and increased urination, and my in...
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