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So, it's probably obvious I have some anxiety, but I just keep hearing things about the vaccines and how they might affect my future fert...
Hi everyone, I have done the Astra Zeneca vaccine which is know to cause very very rarely clots. I heared clots might travel from legs...
The day is looming for me. Not sure which vaccine I will get and am trying not to be nervous. Wish I were skinnier, had lower blood pres...
My aunty is 65 years old. She has high blood pressure(~140). Her symptoms started with severe headache and body weakness. Next day, Heada...
I had Covid-19 in January. I know that those of us who've had it should get the vaccine, but when? The information about when we vaccinat...
Senior who read that you need sleep to build antibodies and not able to get much sleep for weeks prior to and after vaccination. Will the...
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