Welcome to the new Dog Rescue Group. I will post the details here of any dogs who are currently in HIGH-KILL SHELTERS IN THE U.S.. I will add the email addresses of the person/people to contact, and the location (i.e. which State) if you, or anyone you know, can rescue this dog -either for temporary adoption -or for a "Forever Home". From information I receive, I can also add a brief description of the dog's temperament, its ability to live with other pets, etc. The dogs posted here have a very short time to live. Some have a week or two, some days, some are on the death-list already and have only hours. They literally are ON DEATH ROW. As the spaces they occupy in these Shelters are under demand from more incoming unwanted, or abandoned dogs, they are due for imminent euthanization, through no fault of their own. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. If you can't help directly yourself, it would be a great kindness to email these details to friends, family, etc. who may well know someone who can. Maybe with this page, we can all help to make a difference for these innocents. (I will issue a reference number for the dog, and the person to contact if you can help) With love,Ginger899
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hi! i have a 1week old shih tzu he's healthy but my little brother accidentally stepped on its head :( after that i checked on him and i ...
AFTER HURRICANE SANDY....there are so many homeless babies now in the two worst shelters in the New York area – the Manhattan and the Bro...
Look at this gorgeous happy boy and KNOW with absolutely NO DOUBT he will NOT BE ALIVE TOMORROW IF SOMEONE doesn't get him out of that Ho...
Manhattan Center - P My name is SASHA. My Animal ID # is A0947371. I am a female black and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I a...
DO NOT call the shelter and say you are adopting unless you truly intend on physically going to the shelter to adopt the dog. It ties up ...
AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION NOW! Summer is the last puppy available for adoption. Her three sisters are already in their new homes, Summer is...
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