DREAMS..What they are trying to tell YOU!! Group

I would like to open a group for all about Dreams..I have had many in my past where I could see something happen and it really did happen in real life. I could warn people not to do this or that or not drive here or there at the time. Then what I seen really did happen. I have had dreams of songs and can here the music and lyrics that do not exist out here in the world. I have had dreams come back from my childhood. Dreams of many people in my life that I have not seen in years. Some dreams play over and over like I was there before, but i was not in real life. Dreams are such a important part of my life and some I listen to and some I just let go..I feel that a lot of dreams have a meaning..Whether it is to tell the future or remember the past. I could go on and on and tell a lot of experience I have had behind these dreams.
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I'm 12 and I stared having these dreams when I turned 3 about this little girl that exactly like me but she was a pale blue ,back hair, a...
Since I was a kid I have had nightmares about wolves chasing me, and I have nightmares allmost every night not allways about wolves but r...
hello i have had the same dream twice in 1 night! ok my mom, myself, my husband, our son all bought a house ! the house was her friends a...
How do you reply on this forum? Pamela
Having a really bad dream & getting me scared and stress with a headach
I had a dream the other night that a midget became president of the united states. Sorry if that's not the PC term but I didn't want to h...
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