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Dental Health Forum

Questions in the Dental Health forum are answered by Dr. Jerome Tsang. Topics covered include bridges, cavities, crowns, and x-rays.
I just got a small resin based filling put in a molar (tooth 30 they call it) and a part of my tooth is very sharp. It's not rubbing up a...
i had a tooth pulled a day and a half ago. its healing like it should but where the needles were have made my gums very sore. i looked an...
I have seen all the posts here and I have had the same issue for just about 2 years now. My issue started with burning tongue and lips th...
I noticed when I woke up this morning that I had a few red spots on my soft palate. They seem like small cuts, and they burn when I swoll...
I have always hated my smile because of the gaps between my teeth. I am 24, and I want to get a permanent or semi-permanent fix. I don't ...
I've been having a major pain and sensitivity to cold, hot, and sweets on one of my upper molars. I think it's the one in which I had a f...
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