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I am having and adverse reaction to certain dental ceramics. I have written to the companies that make the ceramics and they say it has n...
A couple of years ago I had fillings done on my two front teeth. I have had no injuries to my mouth or face. Since then, I have had maybe...
Had 2 teeth pulled (upper top back molars) in Nov. 2008 and not a day goes by that there isn't awareness of pain or pressure in that exa...
Had root canal last Thurs and by Sat I was in extreme pain and with swelling to lower jaw & lump on inside of cheek & gums. I was given A...
I am a 54 year old male. I had my 3 remaining wisdom teeth surgically removed 5 weeks ago. 1 week out of surgery, I went back to the su...
cut where my wisdom tooth is and now my jaw bone hurts I cant barely open my mouth what do I do and my wisdom tooth isn't out yet
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