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My husband went to the dentist 2 days ago and had a molar pulled and was told to come back next week for bridge work. When he had the no...
I just found out I'm pregnant. Very unplanned and I honestly thought I couldn't get pregnant. I've been having unprotected sex with this ...
My tooth had a root canal over 40 years ago and was shaved down to a peg, and was capped using a porcelain fused metal crown. The underly...
Hello, December 17 2019 my molar # 31 filling fell. I didn't have any pain. I went to dentist and she did filling and that was it. 1 wee...
I'm 34 and I have been sucking my tongue since my parents got me to give up the thumb at age 3. I had a lisp and slight over bite. Both a...
I would like to go for teeth whitening. One of my friend suggested me for home dental kit for teeth whitening. Which is the best in betwe...
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