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I have had a bony bump on the left side of my chin for a couple years, it feels like it is the bone itself, it is like a marble, it is pa...
Last month, I saw a dentist for the first time for a checkup. They spotted an "obvious shadow" above my first upper-left premolar that ha...
I am wondering if my dental hygienist may have damaged my teeth using an ultrasonic scaler. I apologize that this post is a bit lengthy,...
I have an almost obsessive compulsive habit (psychologist doesn't think I have OCD, I think it's a significant possibility, though) of wi...
Braces in my teens to correct protruding teeth carved out the backs of the two top center teeth. They were refilled numerous times in the...
Hello, 2 month ago I replaced my old silver filling to a white one. I didn't experiance any pain or sensitivity before however after oper...
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