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I have a possible infection in an upper left molar. I have tenderness to touch pressure at the very top of the gum line near the cheek. T...
I had a molar extracted 5 days ago. The dentist put in sutures and I've followed all of the instructions to the T. I still have on and o...
Crown lengthening surgery 1 week 3mm to be removed to repair broken crown root canal done no decay being done at dental school VERY WORRI...
I had two titanium dental implants in Nov. 1995 and one more in January 2013. I am having some very weird health problems and all tests ...
I recently had my wisdom teeth out, and since then I've had tinnitus in both ears that seems to come and go but is never completely gone....
I am a lip biter and have been since childhood. Over time I have realized I have a lot of different sized small hard lumps inside the tis...
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