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I Have neglected my teeth for a while, and am in the process of getting them all fixed. I had a bunch a cavities filled, scaling, root p...
I had an implant post and healing cap placed in 2009. I wasn’t able to complete the process back then, but now that I am able to, I was t...
I just had 4 upper front crows placed. They are much thicker (front to back) and stick out past my natural teeth on either side. My denti...
I have this weird texture on the back half of my tongue. Whenever I eat, the food gets stuck on the marked part of my tongue. See the pic...
I do have some receding in my bottom teeth. I'm 64 years old. Just had a dental cleaning and xray and no other problems were found. Thi...
I have a 2 year old and as of late heard a second point of view for her - first dentist said all teeth required crowns, yet the second as...
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