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5 days ago I had upper extractions (9 teeth) and immediate dentures in. For the 1st 2 days my gums were so swollen and sore I could barel...
Hi every one, today i'm turning 22 years old and i don't see it normal to play with my hair all day long, i used to do it since i was a k...
I feel like I'm showing too much teeth or not enough teeth (think the movie Mud but my teeth are straight). Should I try to hold a full s...
I notice my cheek has a dark discoloration on it after having a back tooth pulled. Doesn’t look like a bruise. It’s been 2 months. Will i...
I have a small growth in my mouth on the wall next to my tonsils. It’s leaking clear fluid and looks like a skin flap. It’s been there fo...
I had severe white tongue for a month or two but after using a tongue cleaner and so forth, my tongue is back to being normal. Is there a...
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