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Hello All, Because I am getting so weary with these anxious and now depressed feelings lately (even thinking about some of my favorit...
I can’t get past depression and anxiety no matter what I try. Suggestions would be appreciated!
I have been in a deep depression for more than 8 months, been suicidal and have reverted to my old coping skills of self-harm. I have ma...
This all started when I was married. I used to wake up in the morning and feel really angry at my wife because we had a lot of argument...
Hi, my daughter is 14 years old and her ex-boyfriend is 15. They meet at school and spent alot of time together for 6 weeks. He would com...
HI.I have been on prozac and wellbutrin sr for over a year..recently found out my problem it thyroid and hormones.Anyways im going off pr...
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