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So this is my first time taking any antidepressants. My doctor started me on 1 pill a day 20mg of Prozac. He said after a week take 2 a d...
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Abusive mother Emergency
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Hi, I have a problem, I can't stop talking to myself. It's got to the point where I'm having full blown conversations with myself. I'...
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I am suffering from severe treatment-resistant clinical depression. I am 46 and have been depressed since 12. Does anybody o...
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I'm a 21 year old girl who's been depressed and anxious for most of my life. I'm very insecure and distrusting of people to the point whe...
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Hello. can you tell me from your experience how you gave up an antidepressant and doses and how did you feel? Thank you.
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I took a few days 10 mg of zolpidem for sleep (from the doctor) and now my head is terrible you think it would go by itself?I have terrib...
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Hi, Again having issues with Zoloft! Finally, I have felt like I had fully adjusted and comfortable on Zoloft. Felt good kind of for...
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My mother is depressed and drinks two bottles of wine a night. She barely goes to work and is a completely different person.
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I have some medical notes about myself which I got from a hospital. In one of the sentences it states refering to me that "She is current...
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I'm taking Prozac 30 mg and I've been prescribed Buspirone 15 mg for anxiety. I'm super paranoid about medication in general, but I also ...
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Okay, ever since I was little maybe 3rd grade, I have had serious intense day dreams. It would mostly be with music, of me dreaming of si...
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I took Zoloft for about a week or so and began having pain in my kidney. I'm only 18 and I'm 150 normally, and my metabolism is great, I ...
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I am so devastated. Last week my husband let my yorkie out while I was taking a bath and did not tell me until i was desperate to find hi...
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I have saw a topic about it. I’m a 16 years old boy who have generally high IQ. I was studying to programming olympiad until few weeks ag...
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Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl, and often in the mornings I felt unwell, which my mother decided was due to a hormone imbalance, so she gave ...
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I have treatment-resistant depression and am only on Extended Release Ritalin 20 mg in the morning and 10 mg Ritalin at noon. It was work...
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I have had many forms of depression most of my life. I have found myself in deep depression for the last 7 months and was taking 60mg of...
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About 4 years ago I was going through a tough time - a breakup of a 4 year relationship. Until that point, I was not a real emotional typ...
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I have had depression basically since i was a teenager
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