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I dont understand what's wrong. It started with feeling low and detaching from friends and family. I have no friends anymore, i rarely in...
This is not a question but more of an update, I don't have ADHD, turns out all I needed was a mood regulator and I am 100% focused and d...
I was on fluoxetine for over 6 years without any side effects, then i came off it for 6 months ,I then had to go back on it ,but it start...
**Warning: sexual assault** I think I have been sexually assaulted by my boyfriend. A week ago, he dry-humped me naked, but I was wearin...
Not here to seek sympathy, however if you really want to help me then tell me a quick way to die
If someone can tell me how to shake this off would muchly be appreciated. My left lung is dying. My right breast has two lumps. I got nee...
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