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Hello Friends! I know there is an older post about this issue. It does offer a few solutions but is loaded with a lot of obvious situa...
Hi all I feel like I'm not in control of myself anymore and getting into deep depression day by day and don't know what to do... I can ha...
I feel like I am discontent with my life. I have a great family and supporting friends, but it isn't enough. At school i feel sort of fin...
i think my new medications are messing with eyesight and appetite. i'm on trazodone for insomnia and anxiety, just started taking Flouxet...
I'm a 14 year old guy. Recently I've felt somewhat depressed and very lazy. I don't know why, but I just wanna play around and do nothing...
I am going to write a lot of information. A few months ago, I was having on and off stiffness in my right arm while I was at work. There ...
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