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In December I developed a rash - if it is a rash, more of a red mark - shaped like a literal love heart. It is located on the inside of m...
Hello Derma Doctors. I have this bump on my back. Not sure what it is, can u help me figure out. thanks
Hi I'm 14 I have a Haemangioma, I've had it since I can remember, I'm just a bit worried that I still have it. Shouldn't it have shrunk b...
Hi, I'am 27 male.. didn't had any problem. A month back I shared an appt with a person, he had scary looking skin all over his body. W...
I'm 18 I have had this since I can remember. It was there before I ever had sex. Its a few small crater like spot with 2 or 3 small hard ...
Hello. I have little bumps on my lower lip and I need help. I woke up one morning and my lips felt itchy, then I looked at the mirror an...
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